Update: December 2023

  • Flipped the house to have the garage on the right / east.
  • Added retaining wall under Master Bedroom Deck.
  • Added Trees, LP Tank, Septic Tank, Well

Update: Feb 4th, 2023:

  • Added stairs from the house down to the lake. Added a 20×14 boathouse with a deck on top. Added artwork to the walls (our wedding picture) as well as turned on the TV in the Man Cave.
  • Updated the video walkthrough to include the updates listed above.
  • Adde new Renderings from Lars.
  • Added a detailed topographical map for the lot.

We have agreed to purchase a 1/2-acre lot on Squaw Lake in Somerset, WI. The seller is also an architect – Lars Architectual Servies LLC – and is designing us a beautiful home – A Meer Cottage.


3D Virtual Visit: https://www.KellyMeer.com/3d. Below the picture, you can select “Aerial View” to fly around the outside or “Virtual Visit” to walk through the home. For the virtual visit, you can select the level you want to be on. Like: “Ground Floor”

Use this page to see our future home virtually; I used “Sweet Home 3D” Software (free) to create the model above and the video below. It is best to use a PC, but it does work on a phone or tablet.

Note: I can take some time to load. Also, for updates, you may need to clear your browser data. Some browsers do not reload the new data automatically. Call or email if you need help.

Video Walk-Through
Updated Renderings from Lars
Topographical Map of the lot – Click for large file
View of the Fireplace / Bar Area
View of the Kitchen and Window Wall
Master Bedroom
5:View from the lake @ 5:00pm in June

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