Updated – July 20th, 2022: Updated wiring diagram and parts list for my buddy Al to reference on his trailer upgrades


Thanks to Explorist.life – Great website to learn about solar and power for RVing. Although I used many different wiring diagrams and tutorial videos, this is the base package I started with.

Solar Upgrade

In October 2021, I added 600 watts (6 x 100watt Renogy Solar Panels). The panels are wired in sets of 2 using the Airstream prewire ports on the roof. I used a Victron 150volt/60am solar controller to convert the solar power into battery power. I mounted the panels using AM Solar Brackets which are quite expensive, but highly worth it. They use 3M VHB tape to attach to the roof with no holes. I also purchased extension bars so I can tilt the panels 45 degrees to get better sun.

Battery and Inverter Upgrade

We doubled our battery capacity to 400Ah by adding 2 more Battle Born Lithium Batteries. I moved them from the battery box behind the propane tanks, to under the bed. I also upgraded from the 1000watt standard inverter to a 3000watt hybrid Inverter charger also mounted under the bed. We now have enough battery power and inverting capacity to to “Off Grid” for extended time. I also added a Smart Shut to monitor the Battery Capasity, Smart Dongle to interface to the Inverter and a Cerbo GX monitor and Cerbo Touch 50 touchscreen to see what is going on.

Device, Manufacturer (purchased from)QTYCost
Solar Panels, Renogy (Amazon )6$600
Mounting Feet, AM Solar (AM Solar)
expensive but great mounting feet
Solar Controller 150/60, Victron (Battle Born)1$540
Circuit Breaker for Solar, (Amazon)1$10
Solar Wires, iGreely (Amazon)
Various lengths
Solar to SAE Adapter, Cerrxian (Amazon)3$42
300amp Battery Switch, Blue Sea (Amazon)1$32
Inverter – Charger, Victron (Battle Born)1$1,570
0000 Battery Cables, custom lengths (BatteryCablesUSA.com) 12$144
6/3 w/ground NM-B Romex – 40′ (Nassau Cable)1$207
LiFe Batteries, Battle Born (Battle Born)4$3,200
Smart Dongle, Victron (Battle Born)1$87
Lynx Distributor, Victron (Battle Born)1$212
Mega Fuses: 40, 50, 80, 400amp + extras (Amazon)8$80
Smart Shunt, Victron (Battle Born)1$130
Single Post Terminals, Ampper (Amazon)1$9
Cerbo GX Touch 50, Victron (Battle Born)1$232
Cerbo GX System Monitor, Victron (Battle Born)1$350
Enclosure, Midnite (Amazon)1$52
Circuit Breaker: 50amp, Midnite (Amazon)1$37
DIN Terminal Blocks for Neutral & Ground (eBay)1$5

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Parts List / Components Used / Cost

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