Full-Time RV & Boat Internet Access Bundle

To support our travels, we needed to upgrade our internet access and data plan. Adding the equipment below gives us what we need. I mounted the router inside a cabinet, and the antenna on the roof by exiting out the refrigerator vent.

Thanks to Mobile Internet Resource center for the wealth of info. They led us to this solution and to Mobile Must Have.

This bundle from Mobile Must Have combines a great router and roof top antenna to give great access to Cellular data and Wi-Fi data from campgrounds. This is very similar to the Airstream Connect solution, but with a better router.

  • Pepwave Max BR1 MK2: This router has 2 cellular SIM card slots and build in Wi-Fi as WAN. This allows us to simultaneously use cellular and Wi-Fi from a campground or other Wi-Fi like Starbucks.
  • Poynting 5:1 Rooftop Antenna: 2 Cellular MIMO antennas, 2 Wi-Fi Antennas and a GPS Antenna. Gives us great connections. It comes with a 3 foot cable, and attaches to the roof with 3M tape. We are very happy with the setup.

Verizon Data – 150gb / month

With this plan, we get 150 gigabytes of highspeed data per month. This is more than enough to support this blog and watch YouTube and Netflix.

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