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Spokane, Washington

On Sunday, we travelled 165 miles to Spokane, Washington to Norhtern Quest Resort and Casino. The RV Resort was very nice. Large sites with grassy area and full hookups. They have campfires every night.

Pam took me out to dinner for my 60th Birthday at the Masselow’s Steakhouse (in the casino). The food was very good.

Pam and I did not do much in Spokane. We flew back to Wisconsin on Monday to attend our Sister in-law’s funeral on Tuesday – Marie Noble.

Visits: 30

Pendleton Factory Tour

We toured the Pendelton Factory where they produce famous blankets. They actually take raw (dyed) wool and make the yarn before weaving it into blankets. It is a 24/5 operation that is quite fascinating. The yarn making equipment is quite old and still impressive.

Pam bought a classic Pendelton Wool Throw for the Airstream. Very nice and warm.

Pendleton Mill Factory Tour

Visits: 36

Pendleton Underground Tour

On Monday, we toured the Pendelton Underground which included an above ground tour of a brothel. Very interesting.

We visited the Shamrock Card Room, Hop Sing’s (Chinese Laundry), the Empire Ice Cream Parlor, through the tunnels beneath the sidewalks to the Empire Meat Market. We stood under prism glass and went through a secret passageway to a Prohibition Card Room. Tunnels lead to a Duck Pin Bowling Alley, then up the 31 stairs to one of Pendleton’s 18 bordellos; the famous “Cozy Rooms.” After learning about Stella Darby and her working girls, the Chinese living quarters, jail, and opium den. We learned why the Chinese came here and how they helped build the West.

Cricket, our guide, was very informative as she explained the history of the ‘back rooms’ and the hidden historical treasures of Pendleton’s yesterdays. From the days of settlements to the days of Opium dens under the respectable shops and brothels. Cricket told the story with humor and as well as answered questions.

Visits: 22

Pendleton UAS & B25 Bomber

We toured the Pendleton UAS (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) or Drones. The Pendleton UAS Range (PUR) is the Pacific Northwest’s premier UAS test range.

This was very fascinating to see some drones, but also how they have made this into a commercial success brining high paying jobs into the area.

After touring the UAS, we took a short drive to the Pendleton Armory where we able to see a B25 Bomber. This is the same bomber that was used for the “Doolittle Raid” on Tokyo in WWII. The Doolittle team trained in Pendelton for a short time.

The “Triple Nickle” also trained and was based in Pendleton; they were the only African-American parachute unit during World War II.

Visits: 28

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