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Medina River Winery

Pam and I stayed here overnight though Harvest Hosts. What a great place. We had a very nice wine tasting with Ken. He really taught us about how the wines are produced and a lot about wine making overall. Highly recommend stopping in or staying the night. We got a tour of the wine production and Ken let us sample a wine right out of the barrel. Sat outside and enjoyed a bottle of wine to end the night.

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5,000 Mile Mark & Where Next

Today, we will pass the 5,000 Mile Mark on our Trip; that is 138 hours in the truck! We also setup the next leg of our trip from South Padre Island to Tucson, AZ. Heading for Lake Havasu we think. Maybe go back to the Grand Canyon.

After South Padre
After South Padre
5,000 Miles

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Save the Turtles

The turtles are having big problems with the cold weather / water. They get “Cold Stunned” and can not move. Turtles are in danger of drowning. At this point over 4,500 turtles were saved and taken to the sanctuary. Pam tried to to volunteer, but they had too many. We have see people on the shore lines looking for turtles.

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Winter Storm

The Texas storm was crazy. Huge power losses and water outages across the state. We were very lucky to be in our Airstream with our own water, propane and batteries. Temperatures dropped below freezing here for about 36 hours. That was enough to freeze water lines and cause lots of problems.
We only lost power for 12 hours due to a rolling blackout. But the stores are running out of everything fresh.

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