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Photos from Christmas Week

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Washing Luna Rosa

After all the miles and travels, it was time to wash out beautiful trailer. Washed the roof, solar panels, windows as well as rinsed off the bottom (underneath). Need to get the sea salt off. Looking great.

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Medical Update

Had my 2 week checkup yesterday with new X-rays. Everything is looking good. My back is healing good, my back is straight and my leg strength is returning.
I cannot golf yet and need to wear my brace for another 3 weeks.
I was able to walk over 5 miles this morning walking the entire village non-stop. {CAPTION}

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Merry Christmas

Pam and I would like to wish all our friends and family a very Merry Christmas.

Although we will not be having a White Christmas down here in Texas, we will enjoy a beautiful day with sunshine and palm trees.

Everyone please be safe and and enjoy the holidays!

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Rest, Recovery and Upgrades

This week has been about recovering from my surgery (going great – no setbacks).

I also was able to spend some time making some upgrades to the Airstream.

Before surgery, I added LED lights under the Airstream. This has a cool look (see some photos below), and will help to keep critters away when we are boondocking out in the hinterlands.

This week, I added a Smart remote controlled relay to be able to turn on / off the lights with an RF remote. Now turning them on is as easy as pushing a button.

While we were staying at the Range, Stuart Robertson shared a cool hack to turn on your trailer marker lights by simply putting a 5 amp fuse in your 7 way plug. See this photo. Worked great but highly manual.

I also added a 7 way switch receptacle to my trailer and then wired the trailer lights (pin 3) into the same smart relay. Now, we can turn these lights on and off easily as well. Plus, we have a nice, clean place to put the plug when not towing. Bonus.

Finally, I upgraded our clunky 2 zone thermostat with a Wi-Fi enabled unit from Micro Air – EasyTouch. Now, we can monitor / change from our iPhones. If it gets too hot inside for Billy while we are out, it will send a waring, and we can turn the Air Conditioning on remotely. How cool is that!!

Here are our pictures this month while staying at Long Island Village:

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