Today, we left Palm Creek after spending 3+ months there. We really enjoyed our stay. Pam did lots of activities like sewing, quilting, woodworking and pottery. We golfed and played pickleball together. Made more friends we will look forward to seeing again next year.

Now, we are headed east to Greenville, OH to participate in an Airstream Rally to see the Full Solar Eclipse on April 8th.

After the rally, we will head pack to Wisconsin. We have rented an apartment starting in mid-April in New Richmond for 6 moths while we build our new home on Squaw Lake. We have all our permits and a signed contract with our builder. If nothing goes sideways, we will break ground May 1st.

Pam’s car: We drove it back to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and then flew back to Arizonia. It is sitting in the snow, waiting for us to return. We also left Billy with Pam’s mom, so we are excited to get home and see him. We miss that grumpy old guy!

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