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Excavation Begins

This week, the build site was leveled and then excavated for the foundation work next week. Everything is proceeding nicely. On Tuesday (after Memorial Day), the foundation work should begin. We think that will take 2 weeks, and then we will start framing mid-June.

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Construction Begins / Drone Footage

Today, May 20th, construction begins on our new house with Excavation. Over the past 4 weeks, we have removed around 80 trees from the construction site / drain field area.

We had to remove some beautiful Oak trees as well as Poplar, Cottonwood, Birch and Pine Trees. Most will become firewood. We did save 2 large Oak Logs we will take to the sawmill and use for something in the future.

I also bought a small / low-cost drone to document the construction process; I plan to take the same picture every day. The drone is a Potensic Atom with a 3 axis gimble for the video camera.

Here is my first public video with the drone.

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Left Arizonia, Headed East

Today, we left Palm Creek after spending 3+ months there. We really enjoyed our stay. Pam did lots of activities like sewing, quilting, woodworking and pottery. We golfed and played pickleball together. Made more friends we will look forward to seeing again next year.

Now, we are headed east to Greenville, OH to participate in an Airstream Rally to see the Full Solar Eclipse on April 8th.

After the rally, we will head pack to Wisconsin. We have rented an apartment starting in mid-April in New Richmond for 6 moths while we build our new home on Squaw Lake. We have all our permits and a signed contract with our builder. If nothing goes sideways, we will break ground May 1st.

Pam’s car: We drove it back to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and then flew back to Arizonia. It is sitting in the snow, waiting for us to return. We also left Billy with Pam’s mom, so we are excited to get home and see him. We miss that grumpy old guy!

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Soo Locks – Sault Ste. Marie

We stayed at the Soo Locks Campground in Sault Ste. Marie. A well-run campground right on the river. We had a great site.

While there, we visited the Locks and saw many boats go through them. There are 2 active locks on the USA side and 1 on the Canadian. There were 4 on the American side, but they are currently removing locks 3&4 and replacing them with another huge lock capable of handling the 1,000 foot ships.

We had lunch at the Antlers Restaurant. The name is an understatement. There were hundreds of animal mounts and antlers. The food was very good.

We took the Famous Locks Boat Tour to go through the locks. We first went through the smaller MacAurther lock on the USA side then went to the Algoma Steel Works on the Canadian side to come back. On the tour, we passed the

Famous Soo Locks Boat Tour

We visited the Tower of History, a tall, concrete tower with great views. We also went to the Museum Ship Valley Camp which is a cargo ship converted into a 20,000 square foot museum.

We also watched a 1,000 x 105 foot ship go through the Poe lock. The lock is only 110 feet wide, so the ship had to go very slow.

1,000-foot ship through the Poe Lock
780-foot ship passes while we enjoy a campfire.

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Pictured Rocks

We stayed at Pictured Rocks RV Park in Christmas, Michigan for 4 nights. A very new campground with great amenities and very well run. While there, we enjoy our first Pasties. They are very good. We had a flight of beer at By George Brewery.

We took the Pictured Rocks Cruise. This was a 32-mile round trip. We viewed brilliantly colored cliffs, sea caves and many rock formations. The trip took 3 hours and traveled 32 miles round trip.

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