We stayed at the Soo Locks Campground in Sault Ste. Marie. A well-run campground right on the river. We had a great site.

While there, we visited the Locks and saw many boats go through them. There are 2 active locks on the USA side and 1 on the Canadian. There were 4 on the American side, but they are currently removing locks 3&4 and replacing them with another huge lock capable of handling the 1,000 foot ships.

We had lunch at the Antlers Restaurant. The name is an understatement. There were hundreds of animal mounts and antlers. The food was very good.

We took the Famous Locks Boat Tour to go through the locks. We first went through the smaller MacAurther lock on the USA side then went to the Algoma Steel Works on the Canadian side to come back. On the tour, we passed the

Famous Soo Locks Boat Tour

We visited the Tower of History, a tall, concrete tower with great views. We also went to the Museum Ship Valley Camp which is a cargo ship converted into a 20,000 square foot museum.

We also watched a 1,000 x 105 foot ship go through the Poe lock. The lock is only 110 feet wide, so the ship had to go very slow.

1,000-foot ship through the Poe Lock
780-foot ship passes while we enjoy a campfire.

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