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Drop a fallen Tree

A Poplar tree snapped in the wind and was hanging over the driveway. We used the Skidster to pull the tree down and then chopped it up for firewood.

Barry and Terry

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On the Road Again

It has been great being in the New Richmond / Hudson area for a month but on Monday, Pam and I set off on our next road trip. We were able to see lots of friends and family and get lots of stuff done on the new trailer. Kelly was able to golf with Barry and the crew quite a bit as well as with Roger.

We will stop in Owatonna for 1 night to see family, then head to Chicago to get some warranty repairs done on the new trailer. It was nice to shake out the new trailer before hitting the road for months.

We then head to Barry, Illinois to see Scott and Nancy for a few days before starting to head west to Idaho. We hope to stop and see friends along the way.

We need to be in southern Idaho for the Discovering Cascadia Caravan. That is a 71 day / 20 campsite tour of the Pasific Northwest.

Discover Cadia Caravan – 2022

After the caravan, we plan to stay out west to see the California Red Woods and maybe wine country before heading back to the Midwest for Thanksgiving.

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Camp Site Upgrades

Over the week, Barry and I made some major upgrades to the site.

We built one tank of an 8 foot picnic table. it is built out of 2×6 green treat boards; it must weigh 350 pounds. We needed to use the skidster to move it!

Then we built a retaining wall because the hill is so slopped. We also wanted a nice place to sit; it is the perfect height.

Finally, we built a fire ring below the wall, and finished the area with some edging and stone.

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Truck Updates

On Friday, we took the truck to Radco for updates. We removed the RetraxPro MX Tonneau cover and replaced it with a Leer 180 Cap and Truck Bed Slide. For the slide, we got the 1,000 Pound XL version that has full extension (thanks for the advice, Stuart!!). We also go the Leer Locker, which can hold 100lbs up close to the ceiling.

We have not purchased new eBikes yet, but when we do, they will be folding and go into the truck bed.

We have significantly increased our truck storage and may have improved the aerodynamics when pulling the trailer.

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Site Improvement

On Saturday, we worked on getting our site level by bringing in 2 truckloads of gravel and having it graded level.

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