Camp Site Upgrades

Over the week, Barry and I made some major upgrades to the site.

We built one tank of an 8 foot picnic table. it is built out of 2×6 green treat boards; it must weigh 350 pounds. We needed to use the skidster to move it!

Then we built a retaining wall because the hill is so slopped. We also wanted a nice place to sit; it is the perfect height.

Finally, we built a fire ring below the wall, and finished the area with some edging and stone.

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  1. Kate Robertson

    You guys are machines! It looks great! Now you just need a second pad so friends can come visit! πŸ˜‰

    • Kelly

      You never know. We think we will be back for most of next summer.

  2. Al Jordan

    You all did a great job

  3. Penny Burruss

    It’s such a peaceful looking area. So very nice. Congratulations!

    • Kelly

      It is.
      Did you guys get a new RV yet. A new 5th wheel?

  4. Nancy & Scott

    Great job looks very appealing.

    • Kelly

      Happy with how it turned out. Had our first fire last night. Just Great.

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