Month: August 2023

Monroe Rally

In August, we traveled to the Madison, WI area for the Eat Drink and Yodel! Rally. Pam volunteered to write an article for newsletter. Click here to read.

We visited the National Historic Cheesemaking Center Museum and the Imobersteg Cheese factory. We went to the Alp and Dell cheese store connected to the Emmi Roth Cheese Factory. The next day, the group toured a dairy farm. Kelly went golfing at Monroe Golf Club. That evening we toured Turner Hall and then had dinner there with our special guest – Uncle Bob!

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Ishnala Supper Club

Before the Monroe Airstream Rally, we stayed at Mirror Lake State Park. While there, we visited the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo. This is a global organization dedicated to saving cranes. They also rescue cranes around the world and have built fantastic habitats for them.

We had dinner at Ishnala Supper Club; voted the best supper club in Wisconsin. They do not take reservations. We had a 2 hour wait while we sampled their famous Old Fashions and walked the grouinds.

Pam and I were seated at famous table 15. The best table in the house (for 2 people). It is in the corner of the room and is featured on the cover of the book: Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old-Fashioned Experience.

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