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Darke Side of the Moon

We travelled to Greenville, Ohio to join the Darke Side of the Moon Solar Eclipse 2024. The local Airstream club organized 160 Airstreams to gather at the Darke County Fairgrounds. We joined the Wisc-UP group to watch the event together.

Kelly did his best to capture images with his iPhone and with his Celestron C90mm Spotting Scope (a gift from Greg Noble) and our 10 year old Canon Alpha A6000 camera. It was hard to get the focus perfect, but I think there are a couple of good pictures. It was amazing how dark it got; pictures and video do not do it justice. It was really cool.

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Pam got a New Car & Kelly is working.

This week, we finally found a great deal on a beautiful car for Pam. We are both excited to not be a 1 truck family anymore.

We purchased a 2017 Mercedes Benz E400 Convertible with under 43,000 miles. We have been looking for over a year when we test drove this beauty. Pam ended up loving the colors, and Kelly is really happy with 3.0L V6 with twin turbos. It is quick but can still get 30mpg on the highway. For a 6+ year old car, it is in really good shape.

House update: Kelly is collecting the final bids from the contractors; we hope to sign commitments next week and break ground May 1st.

Life updates: Pam is having a great time with her new hobbies of sewing and pottery. Hopefully pictures in our next post. She has also started making cutting boards in the workshop and continues to play pickleball multiple time per week and golfs with Kelly on Fridays.

Kelly continues to golf 3 times per week and help Pam in the woodshop as well as play pickleball a couple times per week. The bigger news is that he is consulting / contracting with his old company, Syntegon in New Richmond. He is working 10 hours a week and really enjoying it. Working Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

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Christmas Day Golf

Pam and I golfed 18 holes of golf at Palm Creek on Christmas; all golf was free on Christmas! We had a fun day enjoying the course and playing a nice round of golf; Palm Creek is a nice Par 3 course and an easy walk with our new 4-Wheel carts.

The other day, we played golf in a couple’s scramble and our foursome took second place with a score of 2 under (52). We then we played pickleball in the evening; we were the last ones playing and had to turn all the lights off.

Last night we enjoyed the hot tub. Life is great!

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960 Brave Drive – Update

We are committed to start construction on our new home in the spring. We have the design out for bids to various contractors and are finalizing the “Special Use” permit with the county. Our plan is to be back in Wisconsin April and spend the entire summer until the house is complete.

Here is a video of the lot where the seller of the land and the architect of our future home staked out the house and gives a nice tour.

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Rail Explorers – Bluegrass

For the end of the month, and to celebrate Pam’s birthday, we traveled to Salvisa, KY and stayed at Cummins Ferry Campground. A very nice, but expensive campground. The pool was closed, and it was too cold to enjoy the river and outdoor activities.

This location was all so we could ride the rails with Rail Explorers; something that Pam has wanted to do for a long time.

We spent 2 hours travelling 8 miles (round trip) on “eBike” like rail trolley traveling through the picturesque Kentucky countryside. Passing the thoroughbred horse farms and descending into deep cuts through the limestone hills. Pam brought drinks and snack to enjoy at the turnaround area on the cliffs above the Kentucky River gorge.

We really enjoyed our experience and will probably do it again elsewhere in the country. The video turned out nice, and Pam recorded the return trip as a timelapse video. They use a 1973 Airstream as their gift shop. All the people were great.

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