Framing and Roof Truss Delivery

This week, the basement bearing walls were put up, the floor joists were set and the floor sheathing was laid. Most of the exterior walls were framed and some of the interior walls were framed.

The first video is a the timelapse for all 5 workdays. The new battery worked good for the camera. It lasted all week with lots of power to spare.

The second video shows the roof trusses being delivered. it was a bit exciting. The delivery truck / trailer could not get all the way to the top of the hill, and ended up getting stuck on the side hill. In the end, the guys did a great job and everything was delivered. Ready for more framing next week.

Timelapse: Framing the week of June 24th.

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  1. Nancy & Scott

    Fantastic progress – looking good. Great video’s!!!!!

  2. Ken

    hi Kelly, great photos , so you may make it to casa this fall . wonderful time photography. hi to Pam

  3. Marge

    Wow! Really moving along now!!! Has to be So exciting for you two. Video’s are awesome. Thanks. Hugs, Marge & Irv

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