Timelapse: Backfilling

I wanted to see the progress better over time, so I purchased an ATLI 1080P Time Lapse Camera on Amazon. This little guy can shoot up to a week of video / photos. (if you take 1 photo every 30 minutes) on a single charge. I wanted more detail, so the first day, it took 1 image every minute, but that was too choppy. The second day, it took 1 image ever 30 seconds. I set it up on a schedule to only shoot from 7:30am to 6:00pm or 10-1/2 hours per day. The battery lasted just over 2 days.

I mounted it 25 feet up a tree to have a good view of the worksite and took 2 days of video.

Camera Setup with external battery.

With framing starting on Monday, I wanted to figure out a way to have it record for 5 days without having to touch it. I also wanted images every 15 seconds. So, I bought a big battery, some wire, a USB C converter and silicone rainproof putty and wired to camera directly to the new external battery. Testing looks good. If it all works to plan, I will post all the details next week.

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  1. Ken

    hi Kelly , your progress is spot on . hope it doesn’t rain as you could be building a swimming pool. lol. hi to Pam.

  2. Nancy & Scott

    Very cool video – great progress. Way to manage the work around mother nature.

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