Truck Updates

On Friday, we took the truck to Radco for updates. We removed the RetraxPro MX Tonneau cover and replaced it with a Leer 180 Cap and Truck Bed Slide. For the slide, we got the 1,000 Pound XL version that has full extension (thanks for the advice, Stuart!!). We also go the Leer Locker, which can hold 100lbs up close to the ceiling.

We have not purchased new eBikes yet, but when we do, they will be folding and go into the truck bed.

We have significantly increased our truck storage and may have improved the aerodynamics when pulling the trailer.

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  1. Kate Robertson

    Good move!! You’ll love the full extension slide!! It was a game changer for us.

  2. Nancy & Scott

    Great updates

  3. Al Jordan

    Love it

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