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Packer vs Vikings on New Year’s Day

I was very fortunate to get 4 tickets to the Packers vs. Vikings game on New Year’s Day – Thank You Travis!!!

Great seats in Section 111 Row 1 Seats 1 & 2, Row 2 Seats 1 & 2. We were on the Vikings sideline at about the 6 yard line. It seemed like we were on the field.

I took 3 golf buddies. Barry Boardman, Bob Davis and Dan Steel. Fun bunch of guys (3 Packer’s fans and Barry a Vikings fan). There were about 10% Vikings fans, but the Packer’s fans were able to drown them out. Not too many Skol chants.

What a great day all around. We drove to Lambeau Field the morning of the game, and then stayed overnight an hour away in Wittenberg.

Packers Win Big! Packers 41 Vikings 17.

Lambeau Field – Packers Win!

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Buying Land on Squaw (Apple) Lake

We have a purchase agreement to buy a 1/2-acre lot on Squaw Lake (being renamed to Apple Lake). It is raw land that we will build a small 1,250 sq. ft. house on for the summers. It has 120 feet of frontage, and the building site sits 50 feet above the water level.

We are buying from a couple who bought it 30 years ago to build their dream home, but never got around to building. He is a local architect in Hudson and is designing us a custom home that will meet our needs perfectly. It will be single level living and have an RV pad and full hook-ups for our Airstream (or anyone who may visit).

Our intent is to live here in the summers and then continue to head south in the winters. Classic “Snowbirds”.

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Black Ice @ 62MPH

I was heading into the cities and hit black ice as I crossed the St. Croix River. It was -7F (-21C) as I entered the bridge. I never saw the black ice. Luckily, there were no vehicles next to me as the back end of the truck started to slide. I was able to correct and keep going, but wow.

Note to anyone driving an overpowered truck (7.3-liter V8) in winter, put it in “Slippery – Snowy” mode. Slippery mode lowers throttle response and optimizes shifting for slippery surfaces, according to Ford. I forgot about this mode, until I returned to Wisconsin. The drive back was easy and uneventful.

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Drop a fallen Tree

A Poplar tree snapped in the wind and was hanging over the driveway. We used the Skidster to pull the tree down and then chopped it up for firewood.

Barry and Terry

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Truck Updates

On Friday, we took the truck to Radco for updates. We removed the RetraxPro MX Tonneau cover and replaced it with a Leer 180 Cap and Truck Bed Slide. For the slide, we got the 1,000 Pound XL version that has full extension (thanks for the advice, Stuart!!). We also go the Leer Locker, which can hold 100lbs up close to the ceiling.

We have not purchased new eBikes yet, but when we do, they will be folding and go into the truck bed.

We have significantly increased our truck storage and may have improved the aerodynamics when pulling the trailer.

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