960 Brave Drive – Update

We are committed to start construction on our new home in the spring. We have the design out for bids to various contractors and are finalizing the “Special Use” permit with the county. Our plan is to be back in Wisconsin April and spend the entire summer until the house is complete.

Here is a video of the lot where the seller of the land and the architect of our future home staked out the house and gives a nice tour.

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  1. Chris Root

    How exciting, the Meer cottage will be beautiful when it is finished. I can imagine how excited the two of you are. Sue and I are looking forward to visiting you next summer. Happy holidays!!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Chris,

      I am general contacting it myself as project manager. Fun and challenging.

      Definitely get together in the summer!

  2. Nancy & Scott

    Awesome, let us know if you meed help clearing trees. 😘

    • Kelly

      Thanks for the offer.
      Going to be some work in the spring; looking forward to it.
      A few large trees need to be dropped.
      I know you guys know how to drop trees.

  3. Al Jordan

    👍 Sweet

    • Kelly

      Thanks Buddy.
      We are in Austin util Thursday hanging out with our other Airstream friends (next site over) from the Cascadia Caravan.

      Any chance you will be in Austin?

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