SPI Lighted Boat Parade

We had a very nice dinner at the Painted Marlin and then watched the South Padre Island Lighted Boat Parade. Nice. Some huge boats and some smaller boats.

Then they had fireworks. Nice Event.

We took video of the boats. Enjoy.

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  1. Mike meer

    Have you started the new home?

    • Kelly

      Not yet. We should be closing on the land in the next couple of weeks.
      We plan to put in electricity, Well and septic this summer and get the plans approved. Probably build a she-shed for Pam and some storage.

      We would start building next summer.

      • Mike meer

        Nice car, back to work, great year for you gays. Time to take it easy. Love dad.

  2. Al Jordan

    Just checking in, I hadn’t seen this clip before. Pretty and pretty amazing, really liked watching that large lead launch spin to open the parade…. Hope you three are well.

  3. Mike

    Your lot lots of tree,view of the lake way down there…… see you have people on both sides. Dad good luck on the build….

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