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Palm Creek Again

Last week on the 17th of November, we arrived back in Palm Creek Resort and Residences in Casa Grande, Arizonia. Our traveling companions, Kirk and Terry showed up the next day.

Kelly bought a set of used Callaway golf clubs and a Ping golf bag for Pam at a local rummage sale and has been using them to golf a few times.

Days are warm in the high 60’s; nights are in the low 40’s. The sun shines every day. We have enjoyed walking and relaxing. And the night sky is beautiful.

Saturday, we drove to Phoenix to test drive Lectric eBikes. Pretty much decided we will get the new 3.0 Step through bikes when we return to Arizonia. Stopped by the Airstream dealer for fun and then ended our day at the San Tan Brewery.

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Case Grande Mountain

Our Friends Andy and & Peggy Staver took us to Casa Grande Mountain Radio Tower trail for a night hike to take pictures of the full moon and sunset. It was a steep climb up 994 feet to the top, but the views were great.

Andy took some great photos and drone photos.

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Pam wins at Bingo – Again!

Last week, we played Bingo with Bob & Ranae Davis. Pam won $94 and Bob one on the next card. A winning table.

Tonight, Pam won again, but had to split her money with another winner and won $44. 
Pan Preparing her cards.
Bob wins $94

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