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Pam got a New Car & Kelly is working.

This week, we finally found a great deal on a beautiful car for Pam. We are both excited to not be a 1 truck family anymore.

We purchased a 2017 Mercedes Benz E400 Convertible with under 43,000 miles. We have been looking for over a year when we test drove this beauty. Pam ended up loving the colors, and Kelly is really happy with 3.0L V6 with twin turbos. It is quick but can still get 30mpg on the highway. For a 6+ year old car, it is in really good shape.

House update: Kelly is collecting the final bids from the contractors; we hope to sign commitments next week and break ground May 1st.

Life updates: Pam is having a great time with her new hobbies of sewing and pottery. Hopefully pictures in our next post. She has also started making cutting boards in the workshop and continues to play pickleball multiple time per week and golfs with Kelly on Fridays.

Kelly continues to golf 3 times per week and help Pam in the woodshop as well as play pickleball a couple times per week. The bigger news is that he is consulting / contracting with his old company, Syntegon in New Richmond. He is working 10 hours a week and really enjoying it. Working Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

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Palm Creek – Casa Grande, AZ

On Friday, December 22nd, we arrived back at Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande, Arizonia. We are here for 3 months leaving at the end of March.

We are ready for the active 55+ lifestyle again. Starting Pickleball on Sunday and Golf after Christmas. Pam is signed up for Sewing classes to use her new Brother sewing machine. She is also looking forward to starting back up in the woodshop. Kelly starts back up with his golf group on Wednesday and plans to golf in the 18-hole league on Monday’s.

Lots of improvements over the summer. They now serve beer and wine at the cafe and at the sports facilities. The grass is green and lush. very happy to be back.

This year, we moved across the street to Site 109. We think it will be nicer to have the warm evening sun setting behind the trailer.

It appears there are vacation rentals available January – March in case anyone want to come visit.

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Pam’s Tri-Color Bowl

At the end of our stay at Palm Creek, Pam got lucky and was able to take the “Bowl Turning” class; someone cancelled. The class took 6 days to complete the bowl and cost $130. There were 5 students and each one made a unique bowl.

The bottom is from a solid piece of Cherry, then a Dark Walnut Ring and finally, a Babinga Ring. The rings are made up of 12 wedge shaped pieces. A real challenge, but the bowl turned out great.

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Happy 11th Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We played 9 holes of golf – Pam had a legit birdie so we celebrated with a shot of birdie juice.
Pam made a cauliflower yellow curry with chicken. Fantastic. We of course had Singha beer.  All in all a great day!

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Terry & Kirk Return

On Monday, Terry and Kirk returned to Palm Creek for the week.

Pam grilled homemade pizza Monday evening and we had a nice fire and drinks.

Tuesday, Kelly played pickleball in the morning, and then we both played in the March Madness Golf Event. An18 hole scramble here at Palm Creek. We were paired up with Karen and took 5th place shooting 3 under par.

Wednesday, Pam and Terry hiked among the desert flowers in Picacho Peak State Park. See blog post for pictures. Kelly golfed Silverbell in Tucson.

Thursday, the group went for dinner at Perch Brewery.  They have a collection of over 50 brightly colored, tropical rescue birds. See blog post for pictures and details

Friday, we played another 9 holes of golf on the back nine at Palm Creek. Pam is really getting better; she had 2 legitimate pars! These lead to “Birdie Juice” shots! Kelly also played well and shot 3 over; 6 pars, 1 bogey and 1 double bogey after hitting into the creek.

We finished the week having dinner at the Airport Tavern. Highly recommend this dive bar / restaurant. They had live music outside. On Friday and Saturdays, they server Rib Eye Steak Dinner for $1/oz + $10. They buy 1 slab of beef and cut up all the rib eye steaks into different sizes and put them on a white board by size and hash marks for the number available. By the time we got there, the total was getting low. All the food was very good.

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