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New Orleans Walk

On Saturday, we walked over 10 miles seeing only a small part of New Orleans.

First up, Cafe Beignet on Decatur Street for Beignets, coffee and Bloody Mary’s.

We walked along the river, and then rode the St. Charles Trolley out to the garden district to see all the old mansions.

We downloaded A Free Self-Guided Tour of The Garden District New Orleans which took us to 18 mansions.

After the tour, we walked the 3 miles back to the French Quarter and visited may establishments for nourishment and refreshments along the way.

The Avenue Pub, where we met Kenny. We each had a local beer. Before leaving, we both got a drink “To Go” and headed out the door. Yes, you can drink while walking in New Orleans.

We made a quick stop at Ruby Slipper for a refreshments.

Cresent City Brewhouse for lunch. Kelly had the gumbo, and Pam had 6 freshly shucked oysters. Pam thought they were great!

Leah’s Pralines for their famous Pralines. $50 later, we have dessert for the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to the Bacon Pecan Brittle they are famous for.

We finished the day at Armantine Seafood for a couple of specialty drinks before heading back to the RV.

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Laura Plantation

On Friday, we visited the Laura Planation outside of New Orleans. A sugar cane plantation on the banks of the Mississippi river. We took the 1-1/2 hour guided tour of the manor house, slave quarters, sugar fields and gardens.

We discovered four generations of Creole history at the Laura Plantation of this well-preserved estate. Located just an hour from New Orleans on the Great River Road, Laura Plantation was founded in 1804 and provides a vivid window into Louisiana’s Creole past.

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