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Isla Blanca RV Park

On January 1st, we moved into the Isla Blanca RV County park. We are in site C389 an it is cheap at $20/day with full hookups. Nice park.

Our friends Barry and Sue have been delayed in coming down to South Padre, so they offered us their rental unit. It has been a pleasure to stay in the 2 bedroom townhouse for a week. Billy is loving it.

This week, we went to Mexico – a 1 hour drive away. Thanks to our tour guides Bob and Ranae Davis. It was a fun day of shopping and lunch. We would go back. It cost $2 to park all day on the US side. $1 per person to walk over the international bridge and 25 cents to come back into America.

Kelly golfed with Bob at SPI Golf Club. It was beautiful day and Kelly’s back did great.

Lots of walks and bike rides on the beach. Great weather with gorgeous Sunsets and Sunrises. Highly recommended.

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A Sunny Sunday of Fun

We had a fun filled day. Went to the Bird Sanctuary followed by the Turtle Rescue Center. We went on a Sunset Dinner Sail followed by drinks and live music at Longboard Bar. All in all a great day.

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Kayla Arrived!

We headed to the island for a little beach time and stopped to see the kites!

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Swing Bridge and SpaceX Launch

Had a great day today. SpaceX was planning to launch in the morning, but it kept being delayed. Bob picked me up for golf, and on our way, the swing bridge was open, so I stopped to film it closing. What a mechanical linkage.

While filming it, the rocket took off! 2:58 seconds into the video. Wow!!

Then, we had a great day of golfing with Barry and Bob.

South Padre Island Golf Club

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Long Island Village

Today, we arrived in Port Isabel, TX. We are staying in this very nice development with over 1,000 sites. Lots have Cottages, Mobile Homes and RV’s. We have a very nice site with full hookups on one of the canals.

There is an 18 hole par 3 course in the middle. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools and multiple hot tubs.

We got a great site right on the canal.

Property Map (PDF)

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