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Wineries (again)

Hazy Mountain Vinyards and Brewery

We visited this winery with Celeste and Roger. Nice wines, but the view was fantastic. The owners have spent $70 million dollars to level the top of a mountain and build the Vinyard.

Trump Winery

This is probably the nicest winery we have ever visited. The approach up the long driveway to the winery on the hill was great. The views were outstanding. And the wines were also good and not expensive ($32 for 4 2oz pours & a souvenir glass). Click here for video of Eric Trump explain the winery.

Jefferson Vinyards

Another nice winery. President Thomas Jefferson was an early share holder along with George Washington; read about the history here. It is very close to Monticello.

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The grouped toured Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.

The guided tour of the home was well done. Kelly then went to meet Thomas Jefferson. We were only able to spend a couple of hours here. Plan for at least 1/2 of a day.

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Travel Day 6 – The final Drive

Drove from Sedalia Center (Milepost 70) to Greenwood, VA (Milepost 0)

Our final drive of the Caravan to the end of the Blueridge Parkway.

Another nice day to drive.

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Misty Mountain Campground

Our last campground is Misty Mountain.

From here, the group had lunch at Michie Tavern. we visited Monticello; After lunch, Linda and Pam went shopping at the General Store; Al and I stopped for a beer at the Tavern.

We finished with our Banquet at the Old Trail Golf Club.

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D-Day Memorial

The National D-Day Memorial is a must see if you are in the area. Plan to spend 2 to 4 hours to take it all in. Our tour guide was outstanding and highly knowledgeable. He could answer any questions we had.

Stage 1 of the Memorial

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