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Watching Cement Drying

Not a lot of progress this week; we needed to give the walls a week to harden before we can backfill. The foundation walls were waterproofed plus the drain tile & Sump pump Basin were put in.

Barry and I picked up the fiberglass window well for the escapement window and got that installed.

Weather permitting, the backfilling will begin on Monday. Should be major change to the look of things.

Finally, I added some photo folders for those interested in progress photos.

I added a “Home Build Photos” menu item at the top of the page under “Photos”

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Basement Walls are Done!

On Friday, June 7th, the forms were pulled to expose the finished basement walls. We are so happy with how they turned out. The escapement window on the southwest corner is huge at 5 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Everything is working out fine.

We have to give the walls 1 week to dry before we can backfill the ground around the walls. We also need to put in the 4 pillar tube forms for the back deck and the front porch.

Hopefully, the floor trusses and roof trusses will be delivered on time, mid-June, so we can get started on framing the walls by the end of June.

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Footers & Basement Walls Poured

After a week of delay due to rain, we were finally able to pour the basement footers and walls. The house location worked out perfectly being 12 feet from the left lot line. This gives us as much room as possible for the septic system.

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Excavation Begins

This week, the build site was leveled and then excavated for the foundation work next week. Everything is proceeding nicely. On Tuesday (after Memorial Day), the foundation work should begin. We think that will take 2 weeks, and then we will start framing mid-June.

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Construction Begins / Drone Footage

Today, May 20th, construction begins on our new house with Excavation. Over the past 4 weeks, we have removed around 80 trees from the construction site / drain field area.

We had to remove some beautiful Oak trees as well as Poplar, Cottonwood, Birch and Pine Trees. Most will become firewood. We did save 2 large Oak Logs we will take to the sawmill and use for something in the future.

I also bought a small / low-cost drone to document the construction process; I plan to take the same picture every day. The drone is a Potensic Atom with a 3 axis gimble for the video camera.

Here is my first public video with the drone.

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