Astoria, OR

On Saturday, we drove 78 miles to Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, OR (next to Astoria, OR). Another huge state park with full hookups.

We were able to have our first “Real” Campfire in many weeks. There is a burning ban on in most places. We have been limited to gas fires.

Packer’s Game & PBR

Sunday morning, we went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Well done museum with a 3D movie and the Light Ship Columbia docked in the harbor.

In the afternoon, we went to a sports bar: “End of the Trail Public House“. They had all the games on multiple TV’s, and the Packers found a way to win in overtime.

Sorry, not many pictures again.

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  1. Robert Slocum

    love your photos & brief descriptions ! keep them coming & I will keep dreaming Love ya bob

    • Kelly

      Thanks Bob!

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