I learned about Birdie Juice from my Canadian neighbor Ken. Everyone takes a shot if someone gets a birdie. Everyone carries a flask of some concoction. Ken’s was Rumchatta and Fireball Whisky. My Birdie juice is Fireball and Peppermint Schnaps – better than it sounds. So I bought this flask for me and got this flask for Pam . She hasn’t made her juice yet, so we only had mine to drink.

Pam plays for Par Juice; Anytime I get a Birdie or Pam get’s a Par, we drink a shot!

Today, I had 2 Birdies and Pam had 3 Pars. Par / Birdie Juice 3 Times! I shot 1 over Par and Pam shot 11 over (38)!! Ok, we had a little help. The cup was slightly bigger.

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