Boondocking @ Goosenecks State Park

Best campsite ever for $10 a night. Dry camping / boondocking (no hookups). Solar Suitcase is filling the batteries. Here for 2 nights. San Juan River is 1,000 feet below. Able to listen to the Masters while enjoying a beer  life is good, very good!

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  1. Robert Davis

    Looks great

  2. Nancy

    Very cool so glad you are see the USA in a wonderful way. Safe trails. Love ya both!

  3. Reiner

    Wow…Great pictures . Enjoy your time

    • Kelly

      Thanks Reiner. We are really having fun. We are working our way back to Wisconsin. once we get home, it will have been 4 months on the road with only 1 hotel room (very first night). Hope you guys are dong great. I don’t go to FB very often any more.

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