Great week – Extending for 6 more

So, we had a fun week at Palm Creek. Pam and I golfed 18 holes on Wednesday (walking only) and had a great time. Lots of relaxing at the pool and hot tub and long walks around the resort. The weather has been great. Low 40’s over night, but then sunshine and 70’s the rest of day.

We decided to change our plans and stay here for another 6 weeks and focus on exercise and healthy eating ; staying until the end of March.

On Friday, we played another 9 holes (only $10/person after 4:30) and had a great time. Pam got a new “Sunday” golf bag. Looking sharp. We are signed up for Pickleball lessons next week, and Pam is doing Yoga twice a week.

We had to move sites to #398. An even bigger site and better location. It is on a curve, so we have a large wedge shaped lot. We even have an orange tree at the back of the lot.

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  1. Nancy

    Looks wonderful. Love all the pictures. Enjoy you two. Love ya!

    • Kelly

      It is. Love you guys too.

  2. Keith Baker

    Looks like a great time. So glad you are enjoying retirement.

    • Kelly

      It is fun. I highly recommend it.

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