Medical Update – Kelly

First of all, I am doing great.

We did not tell a lot of people, but I herniated a disk in my back as Pam and I were moving out of the house; actually, a few hours before we closed on the house. Thanks to Eric Aasen, Bob Davis and Barry & Sue Boardman to help move us out and get setup at Willow River State Park.

After a couple of Emergency Room visits and an MRI, it was determined I had an extruded disk (between L3 & L4) pushing against my nerves.

After 48 hours, I had no pain and was off pain meds. But, my leg was constantly numb; I would most likely need Surgery to remove the extrusion.

So, we headed south and started looking for a Neuro Surgeon. We found Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants in San Antonio Texas. More importantly, we found Dr. Albert. He was great. After reviewing my MRI and doing some nerve tests, we decided that a Microdiscectomy was necessary. This is minimally invasive surgery that takes about an hour.

On Tuesday, December 14th, we checked into the surgical hospital at 5:30am, and before noon, we were back in our hotel room recovering. Amazing what can be done as an out patient.

Everything went perfectly, and I am doing great. If I follow instructions, there is no reason I cannot golf with Barry, Bot and Art starting in January.

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  1. Nancy

    So glad all went well. Happy Holidays.

  2. Kate Robertson

    I’m so happy you’ve gotten some relief and help with the numbness!

    • Kelly

      Numbness is about 1/2 gone but getting better. May take a few months. Hopefully not permanent nerve damage.

  3. Mikki

    Great news. Glad the recovery is going well. Merry Christmas!!

    • Kelly

      Merry Christmas to you guys as well and a happy new year. We will be heading your way in March. Hope to see you then.

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