Rail Explorers – Bluegrass

For the end of the month, and to celebrate Pam’s birthday, we traveled to Salvisa, KY and stayed at Cummins Ferry Campground. A very nice, but expensive campground. The pool was closed, and it was too cold to enjoy the river and outdoor activities.

This location was all so we could ride the rails with Rail Explorers; something that Pam has wanted to do for a long time.

We spent 2 hours travelling 8 miles (round trip) on “eBike” like rail trolley traveling through the picturesque Kentucky countryside. Passing the thoroughbred horse farms and descending into deep cuts through the limestone hills. Pam brought drinks and snack to enjoy at the turnaround area on the cliffs above the Kentucky River gorge.

We really enjoyed our experience and will probably do it again elsewhere in the country. The video turned out nice, and Pam recorded the return trip as a timelapse video. They use a 1973 Airstream as their gift shop. All the people were great.

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  1. Al Jordan

    Looks like great fun – Happy Birthday Pam

  2. Kayla

    Railroad trip looks fun! You guys were going fast!

    • Kelly

      We got up to 15mph. It was a blast.

  3. Nancy & Scott

    The railroad excursion looks cool.

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