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Tuesday night we overnighted at Boogie’s Brewery and Distillery (Harvest Hosts) in Deming, NM. Very interesting place with lots of character. They stopped brewing during Covid, and are only distilling various rums and tequila. They have different food trucks every night; for us, it was Taco Tuesday and we enjoyed the tacos. Stop by and see Entrepreneurial Sprint at its best. These people are working hard make a business. Fun People!

Wednesday and Thursday nights we stayed at Lifestyle RV Resort and Fitness in Wilcox, AZ. Nice setup with an indoor heated pool and Hot tub. They also have a sauna, great workout room and lots a other amenities. We would highly recommend them. All for $40/night. Small park but not small on amenities.

On Thursday, we went to Willcox Playa Wildlife Area in search of Sand Hill Cranes. There is a 2.4 mile loop out to a lake where they like to nest. It was a nice, peaceful hike, but unfortunately we did not see any cranes. Maybe next time. The hike was worth the great views of the desert and the mountains on either side.

On the way back, we stopped at Birds and Barrels for a Wine Tasting. We sampled 6 wines and all were good. We learned that Willcox is the biggest wine producing region in Arizona. There are 6 wine tastings within walking distance, and many, many vineyards.

There are 7 Winery Harvest Hosts in the area. We could have winery hopped every night – idea for the future. Willcox is very nice with a cute downtown. We will return here now that we know all it has to offer.

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  1. Nancy

    Sounds wonderful! Enjoy that 🌞

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