White “Tale” Ranch

Another nice Harvest Host in Dekalb Texas. White Tale Ranch has been in the same family since 1913. Family and friends have enjoyed many years of hunting and fishing on the property. Today, the ranch servers as a homestead to four generations of the White family.

We stayed one night, and enjoyed the farm animals and quiet setting. They sell a variety of items at their store. We bought eggs and jellies. Both were great.

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  1. Marge Schissler

    Looks like great fun. Good for you❤️❤️

    • Kelly


      Thanks. We are having fun. We are headed out today. Going to a fancy Luxury RV resort for a few days. Time to splerge.

      Love you

      Pam and Kelly

  2. Marge

    How was your Luxury? Hope you enjoyed to the max. I recently went with the Yaya’s to Kohler and it was 5 star whenever we went. Went down to 3 stars . Some because of Covid but some???

    • Kelly

      The Ranch was just in the yard of someone’s farm. It was nice, but nit luxury. The Range was our Luxury stay. It was fantastic.

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