This past week was a bit cold and windy. All our Pickle Ball sessions were cancelled due to the wind. Golf for Kelly was also cancelled on Wednesday. We did get out and golf 9 holes on Saturday @ Palm Creek.

The Comino de Santiago Challenge is going great. Pam and I both passed the 20% mark (100 miles). Every time we reach this milestone, they plant a tree in our honor to help the environment.

Saint Jean Pied de Port

We also receive postcards along the way as we passed through town virtually. Click on the postcard to see all of the postcards we have received so far.

As of today, we are at both at 120 miles and ahead of our pace to finish in 12 weeks. It looks like all 7 of us on the challenge are on pace. It has been fun to do this as a group.

Pam took the “Beginners Wood Working” class.

Pam made this beautiful Tray!

The class cost $75, and she made a very nice serving tray out of Walnut and Cherry wood. She learned how to use the Jointer, Band Saw, Drill Press and various sanding tools. The first day (3 hours), she cut all the wood and glued the tray together. The second day (2 hours), she sanded everything smooth and then finished the wood with bee’s wax (food safe). It looks great. We mounted it above our stove.

Wood Workers Auction

Very Sharp – Be Careful

On Saturday, they held the annual Wood Worker’s Auction. The auction raises money to buy and upgrade equipment in the shop. It is amazing what these people are able to make. Unfortunately, we just looked and did not take any pictures – Sorry.

Pam bid on and won a fantastic Pizza Cutter for $100. It was made by Steve Alexsander from Walnut, Babinga & Sapele Woods. This thing is so amazing and beautiful. It fits perfectly behind our cooktop, below the serving tray. To celebrate, and test it, Pam made meatball pizza on the grill. Tasty!

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