On Thursday, Pam and I hiked the Boy Scout Tree Trail to Fern Falls. Another cool hike. The Boy Scout Tree is 23 feet in Diameter and is 238 feet tall.

The trail has an abundance of huge trees and is a showcase of the world’s best redwood scenery. The trail feels wonderfully remote and is one of the most pristine old-growth trails; there are only a handful of trails where you can walk through old-growth redwoods for this long without hearing traffic noise or seeing any sign of development.

One of the best parts of the Boy Scout Tree experience is the drive to the trailhead. For two miles you’ll bump and wind through truly top-notch old growth along the unpaved Howland Hill Road.

The naming of Boy Scout Tree remains controversial. The National Park Service claims the tree was so named because a Boy Scout troop leader discovered it. Other sources suggest the tree was named for Boy Scouts who blazed the trail to the tree or for its resemblance to a two-fingered Boy Scout salute (although Boy Scouts typically use a three-fingered salute).

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