Caldwell, Idaho / Ambassador RV Resort

On Sunday, we arrived at the Ambassador RV Resort in Caldwell, Idaho to start the Cascadia Caravan. This is a very nice RV Resort with paved roads, stone pads and full services. The pool and hot tub are great as well as all the services like Laundry and showers. We were in Site C-103 close the pool and services.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

On Monday, we visited the Old Idaho Penitentiary (Wiki Page). Built in 1870, the Old Idaho Penitentiary is one of only four territorial prisons open to the public today. During its 101 years of operation, the site saw escapes, scandals and the effects of Boise’s transition from the “wild west” to a mid-20th century capital city. Step inside the four walls of the prison yard and imagine a life of confinement as steel doors close behind you.

A very enjoyable place to tour. In great shape. We had a fun presentation on the history from Sam and then walked around and explored. The weapons display was very interesting.

Basque Sheepherder Museum and Boarding House

On Tuesday, we traveled by charted bus into Bosie to experience Basque Life. Boise has a large Basque population. We visited the Basque Museum and Cultural Center. They have a nice Virtual Tour of the boarding house.

Basque Welcome Dinner with Traditional Dancers

We then had a great dinner of Pintxos (like Tapas) and wine at the Basque Market. The food was great along with the special white wine from the region. In the middle, our leaders arranged for a special Basque dance performance outside on the sidewalk.

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  1. Al Jordan

    Looks like good fun

    • Kelly

      Yes, it is. Did you see the picture today with the 2 growler cans of beer? Reminds me of our adventures.

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