Coulee City, WA

On Thursday, we drove 88 miles to Sun Lake – Dry Falls State Park in Coulee City, Washington. Wow, what a great state park in a beautiful setting in the bottom of a large Coulee (large flat valley).

The Coulee Dry Falls is a geological wonder of North America. Carved by Ice Age floods more than 13,000 years ago, the former waterfall was once four times the size of Niagara Falls. Today, the 400-foot-high, 3.5-mile-wide cliff overlooks a big sky and a landscape of deep gorges and dark, reflective lakes. The park is a notable site along the National Ice Age Floods Geologic Trail.

We had a group dinner at La Prasa Mexican Restaurant before heading to the Dam light show. Very good food and HUGE Margarita. The group also surprised me with a Mexican birthday cake.

Grand Coulee Dam Laser Light Show. This was a nice event. They open the top gates slightly to let water fall over the dam to create a white screen for the laser show. Very impressive.

We hiked the Umatilla Rock on Friday morning, and then hiked the Caribou Trail & Deep Late Trail on Saturday morning before leaving.

We visited the Dry Falls Visitor Center to learn about how the coulee was formed from Ranger Dave. Very interesting.

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  1. Nancy & Scott

    Love your birthday hat! 😂

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