Brewster, Washington & Road Trip

On Saturday, we drove 64 miles to the Brewster City Cover RV Park in Brewster, Washington. Nothing spectacular about this campground and town except it has a great location to get out and see things.

On Sunday, a group of us drove over 200 miles up into the cascade mountains. We saw Diablo Lake (amazing turquoise water) and then hiked to Ross Dam. The hike was strenuous down to the dam, but boy was it worth it. The dam is easy to access and walk across; you can touch and see everything. Very fun for an engineer.

We then went to the Washington Pass Overlook and hiked that trail.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at East 20 Pizza. Fantastic Pizza and Beer. We were serenaded by Roberto from Cuba. Very fun!

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  1. Nancy & Scott

    It’s nature grand, just beautiful.

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