Proxy Falls – Sisters, Oregon

On Friday, we did an all-day trip to the town of Sisters Oregon to see the Three Sisters Mountains. On the way, we stopped and hiked Proxy Falls. What a great hike with an even better reward. It was a 1.6-mile loop hike over lava rocks. One of our favorite hikes on the caravan. Don’t skip it if you are in the area.

On our way to Sisters, Oregon, we stopped at the Dee Wright Observatory. WOW. Really cool black lava rock observatory was built during the depression and is at an elevation of 5,187 feet. They built viewing ports in the wall to look at the distant mountains. Very difficult to show. I took 2 photos of each (viewing port and mountain) and did an overlay to try and show it. Middle Sister, North Sister, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Washington. The lava flows from 15,000 years ago are amazing to see.

In Sisters, Oregon and had lunch at The Open Door. Cool Place. Great seating outside with a big fire and a neat greenhouse you can dine in. Food was outstanding. Pam absolutely loved the place. We will definitely return here in the summer.

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