Back on the Road

Yesterday, we closed on our house in New Richmond; the new owners started moving in. Pam and I are homeless and have hit the road again. Right now, we are just down the road at Willow River State Park for a few days of rest. We plan to start heading south early next week.

Our next major stop is South Padre Texas. We check back into the same lot we had back in February at Long Island Village Resort. We need to be there by December 1st. We will then move over to South Padre Island’s Ilsa Blanca Park for the month of February.

We will then move on to “On The Beach RV Park” in Port Aransus Texas, close to Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico.

No plans after that. We will see where the weather takes us.

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  1. DavenDeb

    Congratulations on retirement. Looking forward to seeing where your next chapter takes you.

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